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is crafted from
the finest hemp.

Industrial Hemp Flower was established in 2006 when our founders turned their passion for helping others into producing premier cannabis products and alternative medicines. Their goal was three-fold: To provide high quality cannabis flower, education and inspiration to others.

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We, humbly provide you with the high quality hemp flower.IndustrialHempFlower.comHemp Flower Team

Industrial Hemp Flower has continues to grow and is leading the way in providing an ever-expanding array of hemp flower.


As the Industrial Hemp Flower family expands even further, our commitment to the original goals remain. We will continue to invest in projects that bring you the best hemp products, service, and education available.

Industrial Hemp Flower Big Moments has paved the way for many to enjoy Cannabis Flower without the high.  Our High CBD Flowers are some of the most sought after strains on the market.  The Focus, choose the best pheno-types and use sustainable organic methods to provide the highest quality smokable hemp flower on the market.


Industrial Hemp Flower went from a vision to reality.  This vertically integrated upstart laid the foundation for high quality hemp flower.


Industrial Hemp Flower assisted various farms in converting from corn and soy to Licensed Industrial Hemp throughout Colorado, Oregon, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Maine.


Industrial Hemp Flower Founders take the best cultivars and prides itself on desirable CBD Flowers and strains.


Presently Industrial Hemp Flower continues to provide assistance to various farms nationwide, while providing the highest quality hemp flowers and cultivars around.

I don’t know if hemp will save the world…
But it’s the only thing that can!

I'm not sure if Hemp will save the world...
But it's the only thing that can! - Jack Herer

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